“Live with Passion” Strategy Sessions for Success

“Live with Passion” Strategy Sessions for Success
Event on 2013-03-12 19:00:00

Live Big, Bold and Bodacious!!


This Unleash Your Essence Strategy Session is a perfect opportunity for you if you:

·       Are you tired of just going through the motions of living, and ready to feel drive and motivation doing what you love when you get up each morning?

·   Want to understand your life’s journey so you no longer feel disconnected inside, and out of balance? 

      ·        Want to align with your life’s journey so you feel like your life 

             matters and is worth living?

·     Are ready to feel more connected to your inner essence to experience more joy and inner peace?

·         Know  you are done feeling as if part of your life is missing, or on hold?

·         Are tired of feeling like your soul slowing dying inside, and can't take another day of just existing?

·     Know you are destined for more than just working  hard to make a living, and ready to make your mark on the world and SHINE?


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If you’re thinking that it’s high time you got a bit more serious about the direction of your life so that you too can create more joy, passion and abundance in your life, then we should talk real soon.


Would you like to change the ending of this

                   year’s story into a destiny you want?

I’ve set aside time over the next few months for complimentary strategy sessions, and I’d love for you to grab one of those spots. They’re going to fill up really fast, so register quickly to schedule your appointment toady, and begin creating your Dynamic Life.


Here are the benefits you receive in this action-packed session:

·    Create a sense of CLARITY about how you "think" about you, and how those ideas impact you, so you can "design and run" your life, and not the other way around

·       Find out where any emotional experiences are keeping you from trusting yourself, so you can FOCUS on your dreams, and successfully share your gifts in the world

·       Uncover any blockages impacting your SUCCESS in relationships, career and finances

·       Explore your true purpose so you achieve true FULFILLMENT in your life’s journey to achieve success on your terms

·       Experience more CONFIDENCE and boldness to move you forward joyfully in your personal and professional life

·         Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to create the a life you truly want to experience


Are you ready to live a big, bold, bodacious life?

It’s super easy. Just click on the link above for your Free “Living with Passion” Strategy Session and let's talk!

Once it’s received, you will be contacted you to schedule your session, Remember, the session is all about you! If (and only if) I feel I can help you further then I can share how we might work together – totally no pressure at all.

Will I be talking to you soon? I hope so!

Hear testimonials from Women who worked with me:

 "… It was eye opening, heart enlightening and mind stimulating. The beginning of a journey to re-awaken to my genuine self. Part of this process is gaining a clarity of mind & re-igniting the passion for my life and my role in lifting humanity's purpose. Words can't express how greatful I am to be surrounded with loving, nurturing, supportive people. Kimle, you are a true blessing. Thank you. – Sally Littleton (Lewis)"


"… Although I was apprehensive (fear of judgement) it was absolutely wonderful to have this "conversation" with you, Kimle. You've help guide me toward my JOY. Your gentle probing and thought provoking questions have helped to take my life off PAUSE! The breathing exercise and the affirmation you suggested are great. Thank you Kimle!! Anyone who is able to participate won't be sorry. It can definitely help faciliate an "AWAKENING" – Karol


"…Thank you for assisting me in embracing my passion in life and showing me how to create opportunities to bring that into fruition. I am ready to live with even MORE passion and make a difference in my life & the lives of all whom I'm blessed to encounter! Peace & many blessings!" –  Lynnette


So are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation, and map out the changes you desire to spring forth in your life? Then register for your free strategy session!!


Peace and blessings,Kimle NailerThe Alchemist for Soul Awakeningwww.positivesisters.com(313) 402-4997

at Detroit, Michigan, United States
Detroit, United States

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