District Recognizes Students and Staff of the Month

Hadleigh Woodcock was named Outstanding English/Language Arts Student of the Month. A kindergarten students at  Greyhound Central Elementary, Woodcock was nominated by her teacher Susan Wilke.

“Hadleigh is always very interested in everything to do about Language Arts,” wrote Wilke. “She has been able to pick up the necessary skills needed to be both a proficient reader and a proficient writer.  In fact, she excels in both reading and writing. She is very self-motivated when it comes to getting right down to work when asked to complete either a reading or writing task.  She is able to concentrate on the task at hand and is also very willing to help others, too.” 

At Lockwood Elementary, third grade student Drew Holevac was nominated by teacher Kate Jewett who praised Holevac’s reading dedication.

“What I learned is that Drew has a deep passion not only for reading, but for knowledge. He can get lost in a fantasy book just as easily as he can tackle an informational text to learn about an entirely new subject. Drew was instrumental in starting a “book club” during lunch in my room last year . . .  Drew is a great peer leader when it comes to helping others in our multi-age Montessori class. He is equally as great with the third graders during reading time. I’ve never seen him be anything but kind when helping others who are struggling to read something or need that boost of confidence. Drew is also a very talented writer.”

Fifth grade student Michael Dietz was named student of the month and was nominated by his teacher, Colleen Martell.

“Michael’s thesis statement for his argumentative essay is, “It’s hard to be a winner”. His three reasons are: “To win, you have to learn to lose; to win, you have to be a good sport, and to win you have to practice hard,” wrote Martell. “This exemplifies Michael as a student. To me, he is a winner because of his work ethic, his positive attitude and his love of learning. Michael is the kind of student every teacher loves to have.”

Wyatt Houck, is an eighth grade student at Eaton Rapids Middle School was nominated by Sarah Judit.

“Wyatt Houck is a fantastic English Language Arts student.  He is focused and determined to improve his reading and writing skills.  He is an excellent leader and role model in the class,” wrote Judit.  “It is obvious to his teachers and other students that he sets high standards for himself.  He works well with his classmates and is well respected as group member.  Wyatt is a pleasure to have in class.  He participates in class discussion and always exudes a positive attitude.

Maryam Almutawa is a foreign exchange student at Eaton Rapids High School and was nominated by Holly Ferguson and Andrew Gallup.

“Maryam is an extremely hard worker; she always goes above and beyond the task she is given. Her work is consistently done in a thorough and quality manner, demonstrating her careful thought and understanding of the material,” wrote the duo on the nomination form. “Maryam has an outstanding personality and brightens up any classroom. Her positivity and enthusiasm are contagious.”

Mikahla Hackworth is a senior at Greyhound Central Performance Academy and was nominated by Sarah DeFrance, Abby DeValk, Vicki Lauren and Tina Cogo.

“The teachers at Greyhound Central Performance Academy are proud to award the Student of the Month for English Language Arts to Mikahla Hackworth. She has completed three English courses so far this year and has almost completed her fourth and final English class needed to graduate. We applaud Mikahla for consistently working on her English classes and turning in quality work. Mikahla always asks for help when she needs it and takes pride in the work she turns in. She is a pleasure to have in class and always helps put a smile on our faces.”

A para-professinal at Lockwood Elementary, Chrissy O’Brien was selected as support staff of the month and was nominated by Brittany Hoover who wrote about O’Brien’s outstanding qualities.

“Miss Chrissy is someone I believe is a huge asset to Lockwood. She is a favorite among the kids, and she cares for them just as much as they care for her. Chrissy is passionate for the students at Lockwood, and is always willing to stop and listen to any child,” reads the nomination form. “Chrissy has had a huge impact on me as a colleague. Her bright personality is refreshing and her optimism is something to be envied. She is truly a good person and we are very lucky to have her at Lockwood.”

Muriel Bos has been named teacher of the month. A special education teacher at Eaton Rapids High School, Bos was nominated by an anonymous source who wrote of her dedication to the students.

“Muriel Bos goes out of her way to ensure that the students on her caseload and those on her colleague’s caseloads are serviced to the utmost and are able to pass their math classes. This includes countless hours spent before and after school, on her prep hour, and during her study skills classes. Muriel has a gift…her compassionate and vivacious personality allows her to get the most challenging students to obtain success in math, which builds confidence that is then transferred to their everyday lives and on into adulthood.”

Due to his work and dedication to the students of the district, Paul Malewski was named the volunteer of the month for Eaton Rapids Public Schools.

“Paul Malewski embodies what it means to give of yourself to your community,” wrote Principals Brooke Ballee-Stone and Terri Lake. “Paul approached me last school year regarding a grant through the American Canoe Association that he wanted to apply for in order for the Greyhound Central Performance Academy students and the ERHS students to learn about being good stewards of the Grand River flowing through our city.  We received the grant and are now lifetime stewards . . . Paul also taught many of the current eighth grade students who took the new ‘Outdoor Education’ encore class at the middle school this year . . . The hope is that eventually all of one grade level will be trained each year at the middle school in both kayak and water safety so that all may enjoy the Grand River and all it has to offer residents of Eaton Rapids. All of these things previously mentioned are but scratching the surface as to how Paul helps our students and our community to be the best.”

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