CPR & First Aid-ECSI (Instructor: Danielle H.)

CPR & First Aid-ECSI (Instructor: Danielle H.)
Event on 2013-02-09 08:00:00

First Time or Renewal.  Two year card issued from the Emergency Care & Safety Institute.  Acceptable for State of Michigan licensing for daycare and State of Michigan Teacher Certification.  This class is also acceptable for OSHA Construction First Aid requirements.



For Daycare:

We are approved by the Michigan Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing to provide adult, infant, and child CPR and/or First Aid training to child care providers and caregivers because of our status with the Emergency Care & Safety Institute. (1973 PA 116).

Note that Blood Borne Pathogens is NOT included in this class.


For Teachers & Provisional Teacher Certification: 

Online courses are not acceptable according to the state, so you need an in person class like this one. Learning first aid and CPR requires demonstration and practice. 

Teacher candidates need to provide the actual card(s) from this class to the teacher preparation institution for photocopying. The institution will keep the copies with the candidates' academic records.  We are an Approved Provider of Courses for First Aid and CPR for provisional/student teacher certification.


For Construction:

First Aid is required, with refresher classes every year. Grand Rapids Healthcare helps you get compliant.  MIOSHA Construction Safety Standard – Part 1 Rule 132 (3) requires a person with a valid first aid certificate on each job site.  ECSI cards meet this requirement.  Rules state: “A person who has a valid certificate in first aid training shall be present at the worksite to render first aid. A certificate is valid if the requirements necessary to obtain the certificate for first aid training meet or exceed the requirements of the United States Bureau of Mines, the American Red Cross, the guidelines for basic first aid training programs, or equivalent training.” 


At least one employee at every job site must be trained and ready to provide first aid treatment in an emergency situation, and must be present at the worksite during construction activities. This requirement may be satisfied by a first aid person from any employer at the worksite, provided employees know who the certified first aid person is. Additional provisions must be made to ensure alternate first aid persons are available when the primary first aid person is absent from the job site. Employers may need to make arrangements for several first aid persons for larger worksites. 


Although Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is not a requirement under MIOSHA standards, MIOSHA recommends CPR training along with first aid training. A good share of construction accidents may not be addressed in a basic first aid course. A victim of an electrical contact whose breathing and/or heart has stopped must receive immediate assistance from a CPR trained person or death is imminent within three to five minutes. There are other types of construction accidents, such as falls, drowning and cave-ins that may also require CPR. Employees must receive refresher training for first aid at least once every three years. Refresher training and certification for CPR is required annually.

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